The Last Algorithms Class You Need

The Last course you will ever need?

That seems a bit much, huh?

These are the algorithms I have ran into

My goal is foundation.

Why should I care about algorithms?

  • Isn't asking algorithms old fashion for interviews?
  • I don't actually use any of them on the job right?

Let me ask you this

What data structure is used here (answer in your head)?

const a = [];

What if I told you

Remember, Arrays are the simpliest Data Structure

Time and Space Complexity

  • there will be no proofs
  • there will be graphs though

Why TypeScript?

  • I do not like typescript for data structures, but I chose it to make this class the most beginner friendly class.

You can get intro'd into rust via

Introduction to Go & Rust Introduction to Go & Rust

Who Am I?

Ready to get started?

Yes trying to have the smallest intro ever on FEM.

One last note.

When I was at university, this 2 day course will approximate my 2nd semestar class. There is only one problem. My class met 3 times a week, for one hour, for 15 weeks. That is 45 hours of class time. On top of that, every 1 hour of class, I was expected to study for 4 hours. On top of that, I had a 1 hour lab, which was expected to spend 5 hours preparing for.

So that means this class is meant to represent what would typically take 3 * 45

  • 15 * 5 hours worth of work, or 225 hours. But I have less than 16, including lunch breaks.

So to get the most out of this class, spend some time doing this yourself. There are great books and resources you can use.

My biggest piece of advice is this is the entrence, not the destination.

Of the four books I have bought on data structures and algorithms, here are my recommended 2.
(yes they are amazon affiliate links)
(but i have read both, multiple times, and bought the academic one 3 times)

The Introduction to Algorithms
This one is pretty girthy, but its definitely the best there is.

For Programmers Who Don't Know How To DataStructure And Would Like To Do Other Things Well Too
This one is way more beginner friendly, and will help reinforce most things we learn today and other things as well. Its a bit lacking though in its completeness.