What have we learned today?

  • Time & Space Complexity
  • Arrays
    • Linear Search
    • Binary Search
    • Two Crystal Balls
  • Lists
    • Singly
    • Doubly
    • Queue
    • Stack
    • ArrayList
    • RingBuffers
  • Recursion
    • Maze Solving
    • QuickSort
  • Trees
    • Traversals, Pre Order, In Order, Post Order, BFS traversals
    • Comparing Binary Trees
    • Binary Search Trees
    • Heaps
    • Tries
  • Graphs
    • BFS / DFS
    • Dijkstra's Shortest Path
  • Map
  • LRU

That was a lot!


Real talk

How many of you are now interested in using vim after seeing that sweet sweet coconut oil'd experience?

Don't lie to me...

What's next?

Shockingly, most of the "data structures" of computer science, but few of the algorithms.

In other words, what's next other than the entire world?

  • Tons of graph data structures
  • exotic tree algorithms
  • implementing anything in Rust
  • using (neo)vim

For now

Vim on and prosper (i also teach a class on vim... did i mention that?)