Yes. Array. I know you are all thinking... "but i know this."

Well... you also said const a = []

hurts. sorry.

if const a = [] isn't an array, what is it?

Well by the end of this section we can empirically tell what it is.

Lets first just play with arrays.

First a moment on the whiteboard. Then to the node!

So lets talk about arrays. (white board time)

Covering: Lets practice our BigO!!!

  • What are arrays
  • Getting at specific index
  • Insertion at specific index
  • Deletion at specific index


They are fixed size, continiguous memory chunks

  • That means you cannot grow it
  • There is no "insertAt" or push or pop. Doesn't mean you can't write those though


Any questions at this moment? We have pretty much covered what an array is.

Searching for a value?