Why start with LinkedLists?

They are so foundational to programming concepts when it comes to DSA. Understanding them will help you with trees, with graphs, etc etc.

Is it a Data Structure or Algorithm?

Well... now we get into philosophy. Is what we are going to see next an algorithm on a linked list or is it its own data structure?


This is probably the most common data structure that i have implemented in many languages.

!to the white board!

Running Time


  • enqueue
  • deque
  • peek

We entering a world of DSA where constraints make things fast

You will notice pretty much from here on out that what makes a lot of these datastructures fast is the lack of features.

Lets implement!

To the Typed JavaScripts

What's the opposite of a Queue?

Oddly enough, i have also created these A LOT when doing performance things.

whiteboard time!

Running Time


  • push
  • pop
  • peek

Constraints are great!

Again, notice the constraint made it fast

If there is time

lets impl!