This a pretty cool DS

This combines the idea of an array with the ability to grow it. Adheres to the list interface.


Lets talk about it on the whiteboard

Running Time

  • Get
  • Deletion/Insertion at beginning of list
  • Deletion/Insertion in the middle
  • Deletion/Insertion at end of list


(timecheck: day1, afternoon) To the (neo and the one true)vim!

Which one is better?

  • if you haven't made the observation yet, ArrayLists operate best when treated like a stack

Interview tip

(your answer should always be it depends) When I am interviewing less experienced individuals, this is something I really like to hear explained in one form or another. Why would you use one thing over another.

I think you have had enough...

but there is one more list you should at least know about

Ring Buffers

I have literally created at least 10 of these this year...

Lets whiteboard the behavior out.